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Dave Grooms
Business Automation Expert

John Doe

Dave, thanks so much for your help. Following your training I have automated a couple of areas of my business. Nothing too much yet but it has saved us at least three hours everyday. 

​Hi, thanks for visiting my website. My name is Dave Grooms and I am a business process automation expert.

My mission is to help as many businesses as possible free up time by automating parts of their business.

Many years ago at the beginning of my career everyone was predicting that computers would take over the work place. Thirty years later computers have made a big impact but we still do so many tasks that a computer could do.

Every day I see busy staff working hard on tasks that could be automated. You will be surprised at what we can automate and how much your business can change.

The real problem is that businesses do not understand what can be achieved. I want to change this by opening every business owner to the possibilities.

I created this website to show you how you can​:

  • Free up hours every day
  • Improve business efficientcy
  • Free staff from boring and repetitive tasks
  • Improve business operations
  • Increase sales
  • Give a better service to customers

Join my membership program and I will show you in detail how you can automate every area of your business. I show real life issues and how we can automate them. You can follow what I do (no need to be a techy!) and implement my solutions in your business.

What tasks will you automate?​

For a DIY solution click on the banner below.​ Ubot will allow you to easily create your own automation bots. No programming skills are needed. 

Ask Dave any question relating to business in the digital age

If you have any questions about business automation or how to run a business in the digital age then just press the button below to send me a message. I will respond to every question and will do my best to help you or point you in the right direction. Please allow a few days for me to replay!

Please note that we may use your question in one of our training sessions or blog posts. We will of course hide your details if you wish.

Who is Dave Grooms?

Dave Grooms is a quiet, toughtful character who is obsessed with solving business problems. On leaving school Dave trained as a robotics engineer quickly progressing in his career to run a number of large manufacturing business. He is a geek at heart but has the unique ability to manage people and processes to achieve results. He views your business problem as a personal challenge to his genius. That’s why he always finds a profitable solution. Dave Grooms has an impeccable reputation for honesty and integrity, and he is the ultimate value-for-money entrepreneur

Outside of work Dave is a family man with two grown up kids and spends his spare time enjoying new experiences and flying all over europe in his light aircarft.

For a DIY solution click on the banner below.​ Ubot will allow you to easily create your own automation bots. No programming skills are needed.

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Dave has really opened my mind to the possibilities. We now have an automated process that keeps our clients informed about campaign results on a daily basis. Our clients love the daily updates and I did not have to employ any additional staff. Hoping to get the monthly billing automated in next few weeks which will free my staff to help clients rather than spending days each month on admin.

Frank Smith
Wow Marketing